Offering 3D contract manufacturing of metal parts

We are a specialist based in Germany that produce metal parts made of stainless steel (1.4404/316L), bronze (CuSn10) or copper with focus on the manufacturing of delicate parts for general mechanical engineering (e.g. nozzles for cutting fluids), automotive suppliers (e.g. grippers), medical devices (e.g. prototypes for endoscopic devices) and science (e.g. reaction chambers).

We offer our production service for single parts or small series with high accuracy and good surface and material properties through a high-quality manufacturing process.

Moreover, we can also produce also jewelry according to customers’ designs.

We implement the design ideas of customers and produce unique and very small series according to requested specifications.

We are looking for manufacturing or subcontracting agreements with companies in the EU. Partners have to provide a CAD-model.

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Consumer goods, Furniture and Design, Industrial

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