UK innovative gifts and accessories company seeks international distributors & suppliers

We are a UK company supporting a growing number of small producers of premium innovative, fun, novel and problem solving gifts, household items, travel, lifestyle products and accessories, such as: bicycle indicator lights, a rotating hands free wrist torch, a product that harmlessly silences cicada insects, desk lamps with the shape of a baseball cap as the lampshade, a self cleaning hand whisk and several other useful home, gift, and life solution gadgets.

We have considerable background in retail sales and have strong connections to leading UK premium retailers, major airlines, mail order retailers and TV shopping channels.

We have established a strong presence in the UK but are now looking to increase sales and seek international distributors and commercial agents with experience of selling into retailers.

We are also interested to represent European and global brands or suppliers of products and introduce and sell those products in the UK.

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# 875



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Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Consumer goods

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