Producer of products for the automotive aftermarket looking for sales representative

We are a British company specialized in the production, source and sale of products for the automotive aftermarket, and we are Europe’s largest supplier of aftermarket engine components. From humble beginnings in a back-garden shed to over 20,000 sq ft of warehousing, over 2,500 unique parts, state-of-the-art quality control, additional offices in Africa and the Far East, and a huge customer base spanning over 60 countries, we have come an enormous way in not even two decades, and the growth is not over yet.

Our range of products includes:

- Camshafts

- Tappets

- Rocker Arms

- Hydraulic Lifters

- Rocker Shafts

- Valve tappet Shims

- Thrust Pads

- Valves & Guides

We are looking for commission-based representatives or wholesale distributors to represent our brand & range of products, we can also supply parts in bulk shipments for repacking. Target clients should be wholesale distributors, very large engine builders.

Producer of products for the automotive aftermarket looking for sales representative

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Chile, United Kingdom, Finland, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia



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