Seeks agants for positioners for the spatial, aeronautical, defense markets etc

We are a French company that develops positioning systems for antenna measurements.

Positioning is for companies which need to test antenna pattern in anechoic chambers or outside in different application such as telemetry, tracking, satellite communications.

We are able to stabilize any kind of payload in harsh environment, in naval and on earth. We offer the best specification to their discerning customer which need high technical solutions.

We work with the main actors of the sector.

Moreover, we develop the best system in the world for testing the train brakes. Our machines are able to perform automatic and reliable controls.

The commercial agent should be able to prospect and develop sales. He should be present in exhibition, events, corresponding to the market.

A good English level is required.

Technical knowledge is a plus but not required. Our engineering team is based in France and will provide quotations and studies to the commercial agent.

Opportunity reference

# 956



Value (€)



Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Aviation and Nautical

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