Armenian winery seeks agents and distributors

We are an Armenian producer of red dry wine using indigenous Areni type of grape, as well as white dry wine from special Armenian grape sort Voskehat.

Our vineyards are located at an altitude of 1250-1300m above sea level.

The seedlings were meticulously selected, in order to grow the high-quality Areni grape. Due to different heights and nearly five different geographical positions of vineyards, the grapes mature differently and the harvest is done in stages.

Our company combines traditional Armenian and modern wine-making technologies and equipment.

Our production is about 12.000 bottles of red and 6.000 bottles of white wine each year.

Our wine is sold in local supermarkets and wine shops, and it is exported to Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, the USA, Russia, and the UK. We would like to enter into new markets, so we are looking for agents and distributors abroad.

Armenian winery seeks agents and distributors

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