Cypriot manufacturer of a prototyped beach cleaning machine

We are a Cypriot company (established in 1970), that design and produce the prototype of a beach cleaning machine as well as the agent of a French methodology system for stopping sea erosion. The beach cleaning machine can clean both sand and gravel beaches. It can be used on both dry and wet sand. It can go up to one meter into sea water, and it is able to remove trash, glass, rocks, plastics, cans, and cigarette butts, etc from the beach sand. The beach cleaning machine can also clean beaches by removing oil spills from the sand and collecting seaweed and impurities in general. It is able to clean up to 30 cm in and out of the sea. Its area of performance comes up to 22.000 m2 per hour (220.000 sq.ft/h). Looking for potential partners in the framework of commercial agency agreements.

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Europe, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey


Leisure and Hospitality, Automotive, Aviation and Nautical

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