Turkish manufacturer of various types of soaps looking for agents and distributors

We are a Turkish manufacturer of various types of soaps including beauty, toilet soap, bath and laundry as well as liquid soaps, dishwashing detergents, air fresheners, bleach and the glass cleaners. The main features of our products are:

• Natural - organic, without chemically processed ingredients, without artificial additives.

• Eco-friendly - friendly to nature, from natural materials.

We have achieved ISO 9001 certification and use state of the art technology in production. We have a keen awareness and desire to pursue environmentally friendly products and test our products through laboratory experiments. Nevertheless, our products are competitively priced giving us an edge with competition in the global markets.

We would like to expand our market of our seven brands into Europe, Nigeria, Tunsia and Armenia by way of distribution services or commercial agency agreements

Opportunity reference

# 841



Value (€)



Albania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nigeria, Tunisia, Germany, Armenia


Consumer goods

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