Organic and vegan British consumer goods SME seeking sales agents/distributors

We are a British consumer goods SME promoting healthy alternatives and living by holistic methods, with a range of organic, natural and vegan products for women.

Our products include:

- Wash formulated based on plant research, with a coconut and aloe vera base this wash is safe for daily use and is becoming a staple product in women’s homes and when they travel abroad .

- Oil infused with very premium ingredients such as frankincense and myrrh, formulated based on plant based research.

- Neutralizing spray mist deodorant, with organic rose and aloe along with astringents such as witch hazel, this is to be used only on the exterior of the body and is a popular with women who are constantly on the go.

- Specially selected dried herbs that a woman puts hot water over an then proceeds to sit over.

We are seeking agents to sell our products to online retailers and physical retailers in foreign market for export.

Opportunity reference

# 1320



Value (€)



Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, China, Japan, United States, South Korea


Consumer goods, Cosmetics and Personal care, Food and Beverage

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