Producer of raw&organic cosmetic seeks distributors or commercial agents

We are from Macedonia and we are specialized in the production of raw cosmetic products including edible face and body creams, serums, scrubs, cleansers, soaps, body butter, and shampoos.

Raw cosmetics are a special type of organic cosmetics produced exclusively from fresh edible components such as fresh-squeezed fruits and vegetables, unrefined cold-pressed oils, fresh plants, unrefined butters in their fresh form without extractions, additives, processing or preservatives.

We produce over 90 raw cosmetics products using biomanufacturing technology that does not involve heating of the fresh raw materials.

All products are with a 3-year shelf life without any preservatives added.

We are looking for trade intermediaries under the terms of distribution services or commercial services agreement.

Opportunity reference

# 737



Value (€)



Albania, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands, Montenegro, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom


Consumer goods, Cosmetics and Personal care

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