Czech producer of fully recyclable hidden plastic garden edging seeks commercial agent

We developed and produces a plastic hidden curb which separates different areas in the garden and prevents from through-growth of grass. The product is environment-friendly made of recycled PE material in black colour with UV stabilizer. The curb can be easily formed into a required shape, it is easy to cut and it allows to create turns and shapes exactly in accordance with client´s requirements. The flexibility in combination with the hardness prevents it from breaking or cracking and allows to drive over the curb with a rotary lawn mower. Curbs are available in different lengths (8 – 25 m), heights (125-170 mm) and in thickness of 4 mm. We are well-established on Czech and Slovak markets, and we would like to sell in Germany and Austria.

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# 647



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Austria, Germany


Consumer goods, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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