Czech producer of lyophilized fruit seeks distributors and agents

Our company produces lyophilized fruit and is on the market for 10 years.

Our interest is to find serious and long-term cooperation with agents and distributors.

Lyophilized fruits in Europe are becoming an integral part of a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle with a great future. .

We offer several mixtures of fruit and combinations:

1) Energy Mix on white yogurts: flakes and honey, lyophilized energy mix

2) Lyophilized energy mix 20g. ingredients: 24% goji, 20% aronia, 20% blackcurrant, 16% raspberry and 20% redcurrant

3) Lyophilized one sort of fruit (goji, redcurrant, aronia...)

4) Fresh Goji

5) Fresh 100% Juice - many flavours

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# 1117



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Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark


Food and Beverage

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