OFFER: high quality custom-made outdoor kitchens

We are a Czech manufacturer of bespoke outdoor stainless-steel kitchens.

Our kitchens are designed in house and can be equipped with proprietary stainless-steel, gas-powered appliances like grills, cookers, flat-top grill, pizza ovens, refrigerators, etc.. The kitchens are made with various materials (stone, wood, tiles, steel...) according to the customer´s request.

They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions throughout the year.

We are looking for agents experienced in deliveries of the high-quality products that would promote our outdoor kitchens designed on a bespoke basis.

Apart from this, we are also looking for outsourcing and seek partners requiring high-quality stainless steel components for their kitchens (grills, doors, drawers, sinks, and other stainless-steel accessories).

OFFER: high quality custom-made outdoor kitchens

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Leisure and Hospitality, Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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