Singaporean med-tech company looking for inside sales freelancer

We established our company in 2012 to remove systemic inefficiencies which are causing pandemic issues for patients, healthcare providers, health insurers, employers and governments around the world.

Today, we have pioneered value-based digital managed care.

We have developed a digital platform that is the most established gateway to 24/7/365 world-class coordinated outpatient care. Our fully integrated online-to-offline platform streamlines all aspects of primary healthcare into one easy-to-use solution connecting patients to doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, clinical-grade health trackers, Fortune 500 and SME employers, and insurers.

We are on a mission to simplify healthcare and deliver beautifully simple patient experiences that improve health outcomes at lower costs. So the business of getting well and staying well becomes simpler.

We are looking for independent sales agents to sell accounts at our platform to life and general insurers, corporate insurance brokers.

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