Ukrainian developer of acustic systems based on coconut shells seeking distributors

Ukrainian developer of the sound systems established in the 2018, have 20 patents around the world and a solid reputation in Ukraine as a manufacturer of the ionic sound systems based on the properties of two completely different materials - polymer concrete and coconut shell. The coconut shell is uniquely strong, lightweight and superbly dampens revibrations due to the presence of micropores and longitudinal fibers which possess high sound conductivity capabilities with low distortion.

Real sound sources have different nature and dimensions, so the system reproducing the same diversity of sound vibrations with a wavelength of 17mm to 17m, using a band controllers for 4 separated band wide's considering a difference between the properties of the each of them.

We are interested in expansion of our sales to the territory of the Western Europe. For this purpose we seek distribution services agreement.

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# 971



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Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom


Electronics and House appliances

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