Singapore producer of polyurethane (PU) machine & equipment looking for agents

We are a Singaporean company specialized in developing winning polyurethane solutions for over 30 years. We develop customised, winning solutions to some of the largest automotive and household appliance groups on the planet. Our network of offices and service centres provide industry-leading standards of customer attention and response.

We prize reliability. It is the critical feature that turns a good solution into a winning one, and turns simple business encounters into enduring partnerships. We are rapidly transforming our machines to be Industrial 4.0 enabled for greater operational efficiency.

We are looking for an independent agent or distributor to sell our polyurethane (PU) machine & equipment which include foam dispensing machine & equipment and pneumatic chemical fluid transfer pumps.

Opportunity reference

# 1272



Value (€)



Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria, Argentina, Australia, United Arab Emirates


Automotive, Electronics and House appliances, Industrial

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