Japanese laboratory equipment/supplies provider seeking commercial agents for evaporators

We are a Japanese manufacturer of laboratory equipment and supplies. We are seeking to reach a commercial agency agreement. The agent will be in charge of representing the company evaporators and support its expansion in the EU.

Our evaporators can easily remove solvents with high boiling points including DMSO, DMF and N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) without risks of bumping. Our product removes 5ml of the solvent within 3 hours while conventional evaporators cannot evaporate DMSO. Our company have ISO9001. The targeted end users are researchers/analysts of laboratories in universities, public institutions/ private sector enterprises in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. We will provide marketing resources including the product manuals and various testimonials from customers.

Opportunity reference

# 334



Value (€)



Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France


Electronics and House appliances, Industrial, Health and Pharma

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