Look for agents/distributors of manna (solidified sugary sap from trees)

We are an Italian consortium that is the only producer in the world of manna, the solidified sugary sap that flows from incisions made on the trunk and main branches of several species of the genus Fraxinus in the summertime.

Manna is a sugary exudate consisting mainly of mannite, organic acids, water, glucose, fructose, mucilage, resins and nitrogen compounds.

The product has a very complex quantitative and qualitative composition that is strongly influenced by the source area, exposure, chemical characteristics of the soil, age of the plant and seasonal trends. It can be consumed without any transformation or it can be used in the production of cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food supplement products. It is a typical Sicilian product.

We are looking for a long-term collaboration with experienced distributors and/or agents.

Look for agents/distributors of manna (solidified sugary sap from trees)

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