Offering eco urinal products from Belgium (looking for agents in Europe)

We are a young company based in Belgium, specialized in ecological, hygienic and design urinal products.

We created a product featuring a combination and a connection of a basin and a urinal.

In addition to having the basin and urinal in the same volume, the product uses the water from washing the hands to rinse the urinal. The urinal has an automatic flushing thanks to its taps.

3 main advantages:

1) Hygenic: increased number of men that wash their hands

2) Space gain: 2 products in the same space

3) Ecological: don't waste water

Our product is suitable for public toilet facilities, semi-public buildings, hotels, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, stadiums, cinemas etc

We seek commercial agents that agree to represent our product to architects and will arrange distribution.

Offering eco urinal products from Belgium (looking for agents in Europe)

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Leisure and Hospitality, Construction and Real Estate

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