Offering Li-ion battery portable power stations

We offer 6 models of Li-ion power station from 90Wh to 1.8kWh).

The main advantage of our power stations is the size and the weight: our products are very light and compact compared to the competitor's ones (approximately 1/3).

Our products are used for emergency back-up power sources especially in power outage situations and also for various kinds of outdoor activities.

We are based in USA and the products are made in China.

We are looking for agents that have contacts with consumer electronics and outdoor retail chains, or with organizations that could be interesting to buy our products.

In particular, we are interested to expand our activity in Brazil, Germany, France, United Kingdom, India, Japan, and Indonesia.

Opportunity reference

# 1257



Value (€)



Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan


Consumer goods, Electronics and House appliances

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