Seekings distributors for a bio-degradable anchoring system for young trees

We are a Dutch manufacturer of a range of biobased and biodegradable products that improve environmental conditions of nature in urban areas.

One of these is an anchoring or keeper system for young trees, based on biodegradable materials, that replaces the use of wooden poles. The system consists of specially designed anchors and ropes, including drainage pipes and watering sheets. It is installed around the trunk of the tree that fixes it to its place.

Due to the construction of the biodegradable system, young trees are more disease resistant and storm proof during the first years. When the roots of the tree have developed sufficiently, the anchors, rope, pipes and sheets will gradually disintegrate and disappear completely.

We are looking for distributors in European countries interested in selling the system in their region and provide technical assistance to guide the use to local horticultural and landscaping companies under a distribution services agreement.

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Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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