Ukrainian manufacturer of grain cleaning equipment looking for distribution partners

We develop and manufacture new generation grain cleaning equipment.

Aerodynamic grain separators are characterized by simplicity, reliability, durability and energy efficiency. The separators qualitatively clean all types of crops and are able to select seeds for sowing with guaranteed germination to 98%, thereby increasing yield to 35%. The engine is located directly in front of the separation chamber, which allows to reduce energy consumption, but without loss of performance. Due to the direct-flow motor, separators are able to be equipped with a frequency converter, which is capable of changing the frequency of rotation of the engine. Therefore, separators can more accurately adjust the air flow for any crop, any humidity and clogging. Air entering the separation chamber passes through the engine, thereby cooling it.

We are looking for new partners to expand sales of the separators to new markets. We wish to establish distribution services agreements.

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Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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