Turkish air compressor manufacturer looking for distributors

We are a Turkish manufacturer of industrial air compressors, air tanks and drying machines.

We are offering our products in 3 series: DA, INV and VEK series. The DA series are direct-coupled compressors. Fan systems are generally split into two: radial fans and axial fans. In direct-coupled compressors, direct-coupled fans (radial fans) are used: these are directly screwed to the motor drive mechanism, so no loss of transmission power and energy efficiency compared to non-direct-coupled fans. The INV series air compressors are operated by the frequency control mechanism. This system is monitoring the electronic data from the compressor sensors and is calculating the optimum running power and revelations per minute of the engine automatically. The VEK series are compressors tha run at a consistent power and airflow. These types are recommended when the compressor is going to fulfill a single and consistent action.

We would like to widen our market in the EU and look for distributors.

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