German producer of air humidifications systems is looking for distributors

Our company became one of the internally leading system suppliers of air washer and air humidification systems for air handling equipment.

Our products are used for air conditioning and air purification throughout the world, e.g. in the automotive industry’s paint finishing systems, building ventilation, cleanroom technology, biofiltration and in waste air purification in rolling mills.

Besides the traditional air washer, We offer medium and high-pressure humidification systems.

We are looking for distributors that would be responsible for sales activities and turnover.

Professional customer service is required. The distributors should sell circulating water spray humidifiers and high-, medium- and low-pressure humidification systems for the exhaust air purification and process air-conditioning.

Technical understanding, expertise due to a completed engineering degree or technical training and business knowledge are required.

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# 944



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Italy, Russia, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom


Industrial, Construction and Real Estate

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