UK SME seeking distributors for wheelchair in-situ transfer seats

We have developed an innovative seat allowing the transfer of wheelchair users to the aircraft seat in a quick, comfortable, dignified and safe manner.

This wheelchair in-situ transfer seat has been invented and designed by a disabled air passenger who has experienced first hand the issues faced with flying a person with physical reduced mobility, including the dilemma in emergency situations.

Essentially this product is a sling which has been combined into a seat that is placed into a users wheelchair. The user is then sat on top of the seat within their wheelchair.

The product comes in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. It can load up to 200 Kg safely. It is professionally looking and discreet.

We are certified ISO 10535:2006.

We are looking to expand in European markets and are looking for partners who have established distribution channels and networks in the commercial aviation industry. A distribution agreement is sought.

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Aviation and Nautical, Health and Pharma

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