Italian brewery based in Sicily seeks distribution agreements in USA/UK/China/Russia

We have 2 lines of production: classic and special one.

CLASSIC BEERS: a special Ale, a red strong Ale and a dark strong Ale

SPECIAL BEERS: a mpardist Ale, a special grape Ale and an Abbey Ale.

We are looking for distribution agreements in the food and beverage sector in China, Russia, USA, and United Kingdom.

WHY OUR BEERS: We cultivate barley in an environment with optimal soil and climate conditions and grows clean cereals without mycotoxins. The hopped wort is brewed with a direct flame in a handcrafted plant, and top quality malts and hops are used for the production; the beer is then stabilized, re-fermented and matured in the bottle, without undergoing any filtration or pasteurization treatment.

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# 697



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Russia, United Kingdom, China, United States


Food and Beverage

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