Seeking supplier of aluminium profiles through subcontracting agreement

We are a Polish manufacturer of building and painting tools, such as PVC floats, stainless steel trowels, abrasive floats, aircrete trowels, paintbrushes, paint mixing paddles, etc. We are looking for a supplier of extruded aluminium profiles for our new line of products.

Technical specifications are the following:

1) material compliant with EN AW-6060 T6;

2) surface finish by anodizing (natural aluminium colour, matt finish, layer thickness between 15-20 microns);

3) annual demand at the minimum level 30,000 kg.

We are offering subcontracting agreement. We are ISO 9001 and FSC certified.

Seeking supplier of aluminium profiles through subcontracting agreement

Opportunity reference

# 699



Value (€)



Italy, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, France


Basic materials, Construction and Real Estate

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