Producer of anchoring and lifting systems is looking for international partners

We are an ISO9001-certified Swiss/Romanian producer of anchoring and lifting products such as: anchoring straps, lifting straps, textile lifting sleeves, lifting chains and accessories. Our main product range includes:

Lifting systems: textile lifting straps with ears/ gussets from 1 tone to 24 tones, with dimensions ranging from 1 m to 14 m, circular textile lifting straps from 1 t to 24 t, tubular lifting straps, lifting chains, technical straps (car lifting straps, lifting straps for barrels handling), container lashings, wire ropes slings.

Anchoring systems: straps for furniture, household appliances and bulky items manipulation/transport, truck and vehicles lashing straps, auto transport straps, straps components: hooks, rings, non-slip mats, locking and anchoring bars, aluminium profiles, anchor chains and cables.

We are now looking to strengthen our presence worldwide through new long-term partnerships and want to collaborate under the form of manufacturing agreements.

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# 876



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Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Industrial, Construction and Real Estate, Logistics

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