French superior quality spirits (looking for distributors abroad)

We are a French company with more tha 70 years of activity. We produce: ANISEED APERITIFS: an iconic south of France drink.

COCKTAIL LIQUEURS: we create original flavours with a lower alcohol content for use in shots (6 flavors available).

FRUITS LIQUEURS (16°, 35°, 40°): this range of liqueurs is elaborated from fruit infusions of pure alcohol and cane sugar.

PLANT BASED LIQUEURS OF EXCEPTION: was created on the 19th century by the abbey monks, elaborated with more than fifty herbs, plants and flowers collected locally. DRY SPIRITS: many varieties of gin. We arelooking for importers/distributors of alcoholic beverages under distribution services agreement. The partner should have experience in distribution of gin, liqueurs and other spirits. We have ISO9001 and IFS certifications.

French superior quality spirits (looking for distributors abroad)

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Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Food and Beverage

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