Polish producer and distributor of professional, antistatic personal protective equipment

We supply equipment, devices, consumables and personal protective equipment related to the electronics, service and general industrial production sectors. We mainly specialize in antistatic materials.

Our anti-static products include: antistatic footwear, clothing, table and floor mats, armbands and gloves. Our offer also includes small precision and electronic tools, such as digital meters, suction pens, laser thermometers, accessories for measuring probes, magnetizers and demagnetizers, and smoke extractors; chemical products and antistatic packagings, bubble wrap packagings and shielding bags.

We are looking for partners interested in manufacturing and subcontracting agreements regarding antistatic products. We are interested to expand our export and are looking for reliable partners. We offer manufacturing services in order to supply products for companies which would like to sell them under their own brands and can act as a subcontractor to foreign partners.

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# 1217



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Europe, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania



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