Seeking distributors of juices and canned food

We are a food manufacturer focused on the treatment of fruits and vegetables.

We offer in particular 2 types of product categories:

1) FRUIT JUICES: with many tastes available (apple, strawberry, mango...)

2) JAMS: also, in this case, we offer a wide selection.

Our products/processes are certified HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points), ISO2005:22000, IQNet, GD mark certified. In addition, our products are certified as organic and we also have a Kosher certificate.

We are based in Armenia and our products are spread throughout the national territory, moreover, for several years we have started to export part of our production abroad. In particular, our products are sold in the United States of America, some European Union countries, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Our goal is to increase our export share and we are actively looking for new foreign distributors who are interested in importing our products.

Our products are sold in shopping centers, grocery stores, supermarkets, in general to the general public. For this reason, we offer attractive packaging suitable for shelf distribution.

The distributor sought should have valuable contacts with food retailers. Moreover, we are also interested in dealing with supermarket chains or food retailers chains.

Seeking distributors of juices and canned food

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Europe, Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates


Food and Beverage

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