Slovenian designer looking for products commercialization in Japan and Switzerland

We are a Slovenian company that represents an internationally recognized Slovenian artist, who is also a well-known designer. We are looking to commercialize his products on the Japanese and Swiss markets. Products to be marketed consist of sculptures and unique designer pieces manufactured from wood (mirrors, chairs, tables); original cups and bowls from ceramics and porcelain; designer glasses, plates and bowls; jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins). We offer products that are ideal for personal, business and protocol gifts.

We are seeking cooperation under commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements in order to commercialize our products abroad. The offer is limited to Japan and Switzerland as these markets are prized for their robustness in terms of arts markets.

Opportunity reference

# 938



Value (€)



Switzerland, Japan


Entertainment, Art and Education, Furniture and Design

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