Singaporean developer of virtual energy audit platform seeking cooperation

We have developed an instant energy assessment and energy efficient collaboration tool for the built environment. It is applicable to different types of buildings in cities and uses multiphysics models, machine learning and digital footprint data from various sources, for example: open source, crowd source and data inputs. The platform will be continuously updated with building data as well as technology parametric data to be able to help building owners, consultants and technology providers to dynamically assess building performance.

We seek French or European SMEs with expertise in digital modelling, IoT and data management to co-develop and adapt the tool for their respective local cities via the following types of agreements:

1) Research cooperation - Both companies will cooperate on the co-development and adaptation of the new tool.

2) Technical cooperation - Resources are pooled and skills are shared between both parties in the development of the technical aspects of the tool.

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# 1288



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Germany, France, United Kingdom


Construction and Real Estate

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