UK maker of crane grabs and forklift truck attachments seeking international distributors

We are a leading UK manufacturer of crane grabs and specialist forklift truck attachments, including attachments for handling brick, block, flag and kerb materials for the construction industry as well as push pull attachments and a unique patented quick release system.

One of our recent product developments is a quick release system which allows one forklift truck to use several attachments. This provides the best possible utilisation of a forklift fleet and cuts the costs of the workforce by allowing it to operate with fewer trucks.

The brick and block attachment range has severely reduced handling and loading times for brick and clay products, with its specialist multiple brick pack handling devices.

The push pull attachment is easily connected to a conventional fork lift truck for efficient palletless handling and can be swiftly dismounted to return to handling pallets.

We seek distributors in Asia and Middle East.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 10164 certified.

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# 75



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Singapore, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Vietnam


Automotive, Industrial, Construction and Real Estate

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