Designer and producer of robotics system and automated production lines (subcontracting)

We are a Czech company focused on development, design, manufacture, and installation of single-purpose machines, robotics and automated production lines either newly built-in or in already existing production technologies according to the clients’ requirements.

We are concentrated on semi-automatic or fully automatic technologies.

Included all stages of customer care: from identifying the customer´s need, through the development and design of the concept, detailed elaboration finalized by 3D study presentation, up to production, installation of technologies and all related support services and maintenance (24/7/365 service). We guarantee warranty and post-warranty service for the lifetime of the delivered equipment.

We can also produce single-purpose machines and standardized assembly lines, manipulators and testing equipment based on given requirements.

90% of our production is intended for automotive sector.

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Automotive, Electronics and House appliances, Industrial

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