Finnish company looks for new suppliers of milk-free and gluten-free frozen bakery

We are a Finnish company. We import premium class frozen food products, and our existing portfolio consists of about 150 products and serve our customers in the horeca (hotel/restaurant/café) sector either via wholesalers or direct selling. We are looking for new suppliers to broaden our product portfolio. The products searched for are:

- premium frozen products to horeca sector

- milk-free and gluten-free (products that usually have e.g. wheat and milk, but in this case, are made of some other flour)

- premium and added value products (like quality muffins).

Partners are searched under distribution services agreement. We will act as an importer and take care of the commercialization of the products, e.g. labeling, contacting the wholesalers and other clients, sales, marketing, cooking.

Opportunity reference

# 685



Value (€)



Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France


Food and Beverage

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