Portuguese company seeks European distributors in the ecological and pharmaceutical market

Our company offers a biodegradable and ecological alternative to the traditional consumer goods made from plastic. Most of our products are 100% biodegradable and made from bamboo.

Bamboo is a very versatile material. It can be used for several different products and also has great health properties, such as high concentration of silica, natural antibacterial, and many other great properties for applications in personal hygiene.

Our brand has a wide range of products divided in two segments: personal hygiene and lifestyle products.

Our portfolio includes:

• Bamboo toothbrushes (6 different types)

• Bamboo cotton buds

• Dental floss (100% recycle package)

• Konjac sponges (2 different types)

• Bamboo cases to transport toothbrushes/ straws

• Bamboo straws (sold in set’s or unity)

• Bamboo Fork, knife and spoon (sold in set’s or unity)

• Bamboo Fork-spoon

We seek European distributors in the bio-ecological and pharmaceutical markets.

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Consumer goods, Cosmetics and Personal care

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