Developer of specific railway solutions seeking EU partners under manufacturing agreement

We are based in Romania and develop, produce and deliver specific products for the railway sector for national and international markets.

Our purpose is the modernisation of locomotives, rail cars, passenger coaches and rolling stock equipment aimed at reducing energy and fuel consumption, mechanising and automating orders, increasing product reliability and safety in rail transport.

The products we manufactured for the railway sector are:

- displays for passenger cars;

- input-output modules;

- signal adapters;

- electric water heating systems;

- electrical and thermal systems of air heating;

- battery charging systems;

- electrical installations and automatic systems of multiple control and diagnosis;

- control desks for management positions.

We offer manufacturing agreements because we have the capacity (technical or means) to produce specific products for the railway sector for partners who want to increase their production and do not have the necessary equipment.

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Automotive, Industrial

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