Bulgarian honey producer seeks commercial agents, distributors and investors

Our main activity is production, processing, and export of natural bee honey and other honey products.

Our product range includes:

Natural and organic bee honey – herbal, forest, acacia, linden, sunflower, coriander, lavender, honeydew, and clover honey.

New products: honey with roses, cream honey with strawberry, spread of honey and tahini.

Our factory can produce and export big quantities of both organic and conventional honey in various packages and brand labeling. Currently, we have 2 production lines:

1) Processing of organic honey. Capacity: 10 tones per week.

2) Processing of conventional honey. Capacity: 50 tones per week.

We have a professional line for packaging in barrels, tins, plastic buckets and in various size glass jars.

Our certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 20000, AUSTRIA BIO GARANTI, HALAL and we are registered at the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety.

Bulgarian honey producer seeks commercial agents, distributors and investors

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Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Food and Beverage

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