Looking for partner in USA to sell luxury bed, bath and table linens (high-end products)

Our company offers bed, bath and table linens of the highest quality; we are based in Belgium and our products are sold all around the world.

We produce a classic and contemporary collection, moreover, we are also used to work on tailor-made projects ranging from private homes to yachts and aircraft interiors.

Every piece has been handmade in our workshop in Belgium. Due to that, we can offer to our clients a wide range of customization: size, fabric, color and design.

We are already active in many countries in the world, and we would like to find expert stylists who can work as business partners in the US market. The stylists should work in the luxury sector, since our products are targeted to be used in yachts, private jets, luxury hotels, etc

We already have an agent in the USA, so it can support the activity of the sought stylists.

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United States


Textile and Fashion

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