Seeking distributors of craft grape-based gin in UK, Germany and Spain

Our premium gin is produced with a grape base spirit giving an original taste that is different from the grain-based gins.

The base spirit comes from the grape, which is the left-over product from winemaking.

We use 18 ingredients that are 100% natural including espelette pepper, a protected geographical origin product from the South West of France, giving a hot-sweet pepper spice flavor. The gin combined the juniper giving the classic gin flavor with the superfood goji berry.

The 4 taste combinations: floral, fruity, nutty and spicy.

The alcohol content is 40 degrees.

We are located in France.

Packaging: 70 cl and 50 cl bottles, plus 40 ml miniatures.

Potential distributors should be well connected with the spirits/ alcoholic drinks industry (style bar, restaurants, hotel and specialized wine/spirits retailers).

Seeking distributors of craft grape-based gin in UK, Germany and Spain

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Germany, Spain, United Kingdom


Food and Beverage

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