Singaporean manufacturer of fresh fruit juice seeking European distributors

We are a Singaporean producer of fresh fruit juice for clients such as airlines, hotel, hospitals, catering and restaurant chains in over 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Our main products consist of chilled and ambient juices. The chilled product range consist of freshly squeezed fruit juice, premium juice, breakfast juice, fruit puree, frozen juice concentrate, juice cup with foil lid and cold pressed wellness juice. A wide range of flavors are available.

Ambient products are products that can be kept at room temperature. These products are ideal for both export and local consumption. Ambient products available for export include long life juice in carton with spout, juice in aluminum cup with foil lid, ambient juice concentrate and pure drinking water in cup with foil lid.

We seek distributors in markets where our products are currently unavailable. We are committed to working hand in hand with all future partners to further establish net growth for all parties involved.

Singaporean manufacturer of fresh fruit juice seeking European distributors

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Europe, New Zealand


Consumer goods, Food and Beverage

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