Distributors wanted! Sulphite Neutraliser Wine,Cider.

Why Wine Juice and Cider aid?

Tests and surveys have revealed that 35% to 40% of adults over 18 years old suffer from a sulphiteintolerance and 60% to 70% of women over 50 suffer from a sulphite intolerance.

Wine, Cider and Juice consumers tell us that they had been cutting down their consumption or avoiding their favourite drinks altogether because of the side effects of sulphites such as nasal congestion, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and skin rashes.

The good news is Wine, Juice, Cider aid have developed a scientifically tested formula to reduce the sulphites found in red, white, sparkling wines, ciders and juices. Independent tests in world-class laboratories we have concluded that Wine, Juice & Cider aid neutralise the Sulfites found in these beverages and reduces the side effects.

Our products that may revolutionize the wine, cider and juice drinking industry.

We are on an aggressive drive to expand our brand into new countries and market

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North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Consumer goods, Health and Pharma, Food and Beverage

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