German start-up offers innovative bicycle fixing tool

We a young company founded by students of engineering.

We developed an elastic, very durable and universally usable tool that has the shape of a bicycle. Due to the smart form, there are no limits to the possibilities of attaching things steadily to the bicycle, be it a rain jacket, bicycle tool, newspaper or water bottle.

The material is 100% silicone, without chemicals or softeners. It is elastic up to 250 % and resistant to water, oils, fats and cleaning agents. It is also temperature resistant from -20 to +200 °C and permanently resistant to UV radiation.

The strap design is newly developed and holds an International Design Patent.

The product is universal and suitable for foreign markets. We are looking for commercial agents or distributors who would use their knowledge and networks to sell it in local markets.

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Italy, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Spain, France


Consumer goods

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