Producer of household products is seeking distributors

We are a company from Bulgaria that make various type of household products like:

1) MANUAL PUMPS for pumping mineral water or other non-carbonated drinks from PET bottles with a capacity from 3 to 19 liters

2) WASHING LINES for installation on the ceilings of a terrace or other room

3)HOUSEHOLD: Manual juicers, Self-watering pots, Sink siphon cleaners, Walnut grinders, Citrus Sprayers, Odor absorbers, Presses for plastic bottles, Grinders.

4)TRASH BINS: with concrete base, double litter-bins with concrete base, litter-bins on a stand, litter–bins with two vessels on a stand, litter bins for separated garbage collecting, etc

We are looking for distributors in the European Union.

Producer of household products is seeking distributors

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