Swedish medtech company seeking distributors for an anti-insomnia medical blanket

We have developed a duvet blanket that improves the quality of sleep and has been prescribed by doctors in Scandinavia to patients suffering from insomnia, stress and neuropsychiatric dysfunction.

Our design uses 450 stainless steel rings of different weights as filling instead of plastics, which reduces the use of plastics by 88%. Each ring is sewn individually into its own pocket to prevent them from making any metallic noise and allows moisture and sweat to permeate in order to increase the climate comfort of the user. They also increase the blanket's flexibility, making the blanket form and adapt closer to the user's body thereby providing deep pressure stimulation, regardless of the user's sleeping position. The blankets are patent-pending in EU/US/Asia and are available in different sizes and weights depending on the user's weight. We recently earned the Oeko-Tex® certification product class 1.

We look for well-established medtech distributors for commercial agency agreement.

Swedish medtech company seeking distributors for an anti-insomnia medical blanket

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