Manufacturer of cattle and deer bone buttons seeks trade intermediaries

We are a Lithuanian manufacturer of bone-related products and accessories.

Our products are:

* Buttons made from natural materials: deer and elk antlers, cattle horns and bones.

* All kinds of other products: keychains, magnets, medals, souvenir, bolo ties, business card holders, pen holders, desk organizers, kitchen cutlery... which are made from the above-mentioned materials.

The buttons are unique accessories for garments or home textiles and can be designed both for individual needs or following the established designs. The design varies from classical to the most elaborate while making different sizes, shapes and colors accessories.

We are looking for foreign distributors and agents.

Moreover, we are open to establishing a manufacturing agreement, since we have free production capacity at the moment.

Manufacturer of cattle and deer bone buttons seeks trade intermediaries

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# 1156



Value (€)



Italy, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France


Textile and Fashion

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