Seeking EU distributors for Japanese packable boots (rainproof)

Our company produces a variety of wearable protective equipment products.

We already sell several products to foreign markets and are now looking to bring a different product in our portfolio to the EU.

Our boots are made of natural rubber to ensure an easily foldable construction. The weight of both boots together is no greater than an average-sized 500ml plastic bottled drink.

Our boots' biggest differentiation from competitors is how easily they can be stowed inside the included carrying case, which features a handy carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks and other equipment. They are suited for use in all kinds of outdoor settings. The boots have won awards for their innovative design in Japan.

The company produces boots in EU sizes ranging from 35.5 to 44. However, production of larger sizes is possible where there is demand. It might be possible to produce an original and localized design in collaboration with the EU partner.

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Textile and Fashion

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