Manufacturer of baby clothing seeks business partners

We are a company from Bosnia-Herzegovina that is specialized in the production of textile products for children (0-14 years).

Our product range is wide and includes pajamas, dresses, t-shirts, linens, blankets, and more.

Most of our products are available in different colors to meet the different preferences of buyers.

Our strong selling point is the good price/quality ratio. We are certified ISO 9001.

Our company is selling on the internal market for more than 10 years and we are looking for expanding our sales abroad. Due to that, we are looking for different kind of business partners abroad:

1) Distributors/agents/wholesalers for baby products

2) Comapnies interested in sign a manufacturing agreement. We are able to produce children's textile products for clients.

We are mainly focused on finding partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Rep..

Manufacturer of baby clothing seeks business partners

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Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany


Textile and Fashion

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