British craft rum producer and distiller looking for distribution partners in Europe

We are a family-run British company, which produce a true artisan offer for rum drinkers.

We have already seen great success in the UK market, with loyal customers and repeated sales. We have a solid portfolio of 3 distinctive and unique flavored rums.

The highest quality 3-year aged dark rum from Guyana is imported into our base in the Midlands, UK. There, on site, the rum is flavored using only whole and natural ingredients.

Our cold smoke, smoked rum with wood from the apple trees which were planted over 30 years ago.

The spices in our spiced rum are whole and roasted, by hand, on our farm.

We want to move from synthetically flavored, mass-produced spicy and flavored rums to premium examples.

We are looking for distribution partners that are well connected with the alcohol industry. Distributors with experience in brand creation and an interest in high quality artisan distilled products are desired, as this will help us build our current success in the Kingdom United and capitalize on wider opportunities abroad.

The use of distributors also reduces the need for us to physically expand into new territories as the product can be sold in the same state as it is supplied to the distributor.

British craft rum producer and distiller looking for distribution partners in Europe

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