Looking for distributors of canned Mediterranean specialties

We are a Bulgarian producer of canned food from the Mediterranean, that looks and tastes like homemade.

We produce for private labeling, under customer’s brand, allowing any type of personalization with regard to range, size, and packaging. We come up with a new line of products every year, in accordance to the needs of the local as well as the worldwide market.

We also accept “challenging” orders from clients who need products under their own specific recipes, other varies of dolma or other products like spicy dolma or cabbage rolls stuffed with Indian spices, beans in vinaigrette sauce etc.

We use for all of our products the purest selected raw materials, without any preservatives and the oldest Mediterranean traditional recipes.

Our highly trained personnel and modern equipment, under the strictest hygienic demands, guarantee the quality of our products.

We are currently looking for distributors for our canned Mediterranean specialties.

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Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Food and Beverage

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